01-02 Clinical Matrix was formulated first and foremost with the intentions of providing 
an immediate boost in euphoric energy that would allow users to be active, 
focused and motivated throughout the day. These stimulant effects will ultimately 
help users with their fat loss goals in more ways than just motivation. Users will find 
an immediate boost in metabolism, thermogenesis and appetite suppression while 
using 01-02.  These effects are immediate and can be felt with the first use, 
however, the most significant effects will be shown over time after weeks of 
continuous use. Within the Clinical Matrix are non-stimulatory fat loss agents that can 
induce fat loss and inhibit fat cell proliferation which will start to show after just a few 
weeks of use. 01-02 benefits include:
√ Promotes thermogenesis
√ Energy boosts
√ Motivation boosts
√ Kick starts metabolism


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