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Like with many plants and herbs, fadogia contains a number of bioactive compounds, with the stem in particular being high in various phytochemicals including alkaloids, saponins and glycosides. It is particularly common in developing countries as a traditional, medicinal herb.

It's been classically used as a fertility drug and shown to alleviate symptoms of ED and low sex drive.  All in all, it’s well known as a ‘sexual invigorator’ in traditional African medicine.

Fadogia for T Boosting
When administered in clinical studies Fadogia Agrestis significantly boosted sexual behavioral traits including libido, sexual interest, and dominant behavior.

Researchers predicted that the reason for the dramatic improvement in sexual function and interest was the spike in testosterone. Blood tests showed that there was a direct increase in serum testosterone levels regardless of the dosage

Fadogia Agrestis

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