Fruits and green vegetables are bursting with health and performance benefits, and we all could use more of them. A high-performance lifestyle puts stresses on the body: exercise can increase short-term oxidative stress and inflammation, and proper nutrition requires proper digestion and absorption. Fruits and greens can help in all these areas – but it isn’t always easy to get in those 5 fruits and vegetables each day, or to choose the right combination to supercharge your workout. That is why we have developed the perfect all-in-one superfood supplement: Fruits & Greens. Developed from whole foods, this powerhouse combination of fruits, vegetables, probiotics, and enzymes will annihilate free radicals, keep inflammation at bay, and have your digestive tract in top shape to get the most out of your exercise and nutrition regimens.

  • 40+ superfoods – packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Spirulina, turmeric, and bromelain – powerful anti-inflammatories
  • Synbiotics – pre + probiotics to enhance gut health and immune health
  • Superfruit blend – to destroy free radicals generated through exercise
  • Quercetin – proven enhancement of endurance performance

This powerful combination of whole foods covers all the bases that you would need from a sports all-in-one nutritional cocktail. Inflammation and oxidative stress are effectively squashed with an amazing blend of high-powered greens and superfruits. Digestive health is addressed on multiple fronts with prebiotics, probiotics, and a broad spectrum of digestive enzymes. Add in performance-enhancing compounds such as quercetin, and you have an evidence-based beverage full of whole foods that will take your game to the next level!

Fruits & Greens

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