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    • Saw Palmetto Extract - aims to maintain healthy prostate size.
    • Stinging Nettle Extract - normal and healthy urinary flow and frequency.
    • Lycopene - contributes to normal prostate function.



From an early age, men are taught to associate their virility, potency, and vigor with their sense of masculinity. Yet, as we age, the vital systems and metabolic pathways that help us maintain that virility slowly begin to decline. For some, this is an unavoidable part of aging that should be handled with grace and acceptance. For others, such as those living the Crush It lifestyle, this akin to meekly accepting defeat when other options are available. You see, it is critical to maintain a healthy, normal prostate function. While aging makes maintaining this function increasingly difficult, there are robust supplement regimens that can assist in promoting proper prostate health and function.  

While many supplements singularly focus on an individual ingredient, this oversimplified single ingredient approach ignores the complexity of this multi-faceted issue – an issue that undoubtedly requires a multi-faceted solution. So, in line with the product development philosophy we’ve maintained at Core Nutritionals since our inception, we’ve elevated a product category and delivered a comprehensive prostate health formula suitable to such a complex and significant issue. By scouring the available clinical research, we’ve found a veritable constellation of ingredients that address every major pathway involved in the promotion of a healthy prostate. And, with that, we give you the premier solution for maintaining an optimal functioning prostate: Core PROSTATE!  

Lifeline Prostate

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